The Beginning

Hello! And welcome to our new website, YouTube channel, Instagram account and Facebook page. Make sure you follow us on all!

I'm Colin (on the left) - the guy pushing all the buttons, writing all the code, and editing all of the video. And my brother-in-law is Chris - who is the creative mind behind all of the crazy projects we take on. Chris has been working on cars his entire life. He's built lowriders, racecars, vintage restos, camper renos, etc. etc. etc. He's done it all. Colin, well, he doesn't even change his own oil.

Being brothers-in-law for over 30 years we've decided to team up to capture us making a go of restoring, building, modding, and flipping just about anything we can find. All will be CCBUILT.

We have a longterm vision for CCBUILT that extends far beyond what you'll see in these first few months. We're starting small, but we hope to bring you some entertaining videos and to build some really fun projects.

Thanks for staying tuned.